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You Asked

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Sometimes it seems like we are about to drown in our challenges!

Although there are often no easy solutions, we believe the Bible does provide very practical insights that can help us live every day a bit better! So back on Easter Sunday we asked those in attendance to tell us the they would most like to hear about in the fall. The result was the You Asked series beginning on August 28 at our new service time of 10 AM.

In this series each week we will take a look at challenging topics such as family essentials, copying with loss, forgiveness, dealing with difficult people, finding God’s will and handling stress.

This is a great series to attend as it will be encouraging, practical and you will leave with specific steps you can take in each area.

I look forward to seeing you this Sunday at 10 AM!

– Doug

Get Closer to God…21 Days of Prayer

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How close are you to God right now?

This is your time to get closer to God! I want to invite you to get close to God through our 21 Days of Prayer. Each August we focus on renewing our connection to God through this special season of prayer. This year the 21 Days of Prayer go from July 31 – August 20.

The reason you can get closer to God is because of a simple promise He has given us. God tells us in James 4:8 – “Come close to God, and God will come close to you.” (NLT) So if we make any effort to draw closer to God, we will find He is already closer than we thought.

What are you waiting for? Let’s get closer to God!

How Do I Get Close To God?

We are going to help you discover how simple it is during our next message series called Closer! This series will explore some of the ways we can come closer to God. We invite you to come this Sunday! During the service you will enjoy the upbeat music and practical Bible message! And your kids will have a great time learning about God in our clean and safe children’s classes!

An Opportunity to Get Close To God!

We invite you to come Pray and Worship with us at the special prayer time listed here.

I hope to see you this Sunday and in our special prayer times as we closer to God!

– Doug


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Are you running from the giants or with the giants?

As we journey through life, we all face giants…something that appears to keep us from where God is trying to take us! Your giant might be debt, a troubled marriage, difficulty in raising your children, job challenges or many other things. In fact, sometimes the giants are people who seem to to be trying to block us from a better future.

When we face these giants it is easy to get intimidated in our thoughts. We can think things like “I’ll never get this debt paid off”. Left unchecked, our thoughts can become more of a barrier to progress than the actual giant!

Often these thoughts become so overwhelming that we look for a way out…any way out. And so we start to run. We run away from confronting the giants in our lives. Instead of facing our fears, our lack of knowledge in some area, or any other giant…we run. We run from the giants!

God has better for you!

What if you could learn from some men and women who were giants of faith? What if instead of running from your giants you could run with these great people of faith? What if you could learn from their successes and failures? Would it make a difference and could you draw encouragement from their stories?

I think the answer is yes!

So I invite you to our message series, Running With The Giants, beginning Sunday, April 24 at 10:30 AM. During the service you will enjoy the upbeat music and practical Bible message! And your kids will have a great time learning about God in our clean and safe children’s classes!

I hope to see you this Sunday!

– Doug

God has more!

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Imagine if you had a desperate need for $5,000, or $50,000 or $5,000,000 and that you knew someone who could meet your need. How much would you ask for? In our theoretical exercise, most of would say all that I need, whatever the amount.

In reality, most of us ask for and expect less than we could receive. Maybe out of fear, maybe because we don’t want to put the source of our provision out or maybe for other reasons.Think about areas other than money…joy, peace, freedom, relationships, etc. Are you living with less than God intends?

I would suggest that God offers so much more than most of are experiencing. Not just in the “stuff” of life. But especially in our spiritual walk with God. If desire to experience more in your walk with God, I invite you to come to our new series, Four Cups, beginning Sunday, March 22 at 10:30 AM!

Four Cups Media Page 492x302Come discover some promises God made a long time ago that directly relate to your life today. These promises hold keys that will help you walk in the fullness of God’s grand plan for your life!

This is a great series to invite your family and friends to attend!

God has more for you…

For more information on your experience as a first-time guest go to!


Grow Team Party!

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On Sunday night, December 14, we celebrated the dedication and hard work of all our Grow Team members!

Grow Teams are our teams that serve 2014-12-14 18.44.10 - compressedto make life-change possible for so many people! Our Grow Teams sing, play instruments, mix live sound, operate lighting, communicate through media projection, love and teach children, train youth, mow the church grounds, work on facilities projects, greet, help people be seated, weed flowerbeds at Zwink Elementary, lead outreaches into our community, setup and clean-up water baptism, clean the church, serve food, lead teams, lead small groups and do whatever it takes to show God’s love to others!

Everything that is accomplished through the ministries of HISplace happens because of these faithful teams!

2014-12-14 18.29.54 - compressedSo, we celebrated them with a special party and had lots of fun! Everyone enjoyed great finger foods, a fun game and then personal thank you’s and recognition from their team leaders! It was a great time celebrating what God has done through these amazing team members!

If you are not on a team, we invite you to learn more about serving on a team by attending Growth Track.

The next time you see someone serving at HISplace, why not give them a high-five and a huge “thank you”?

Church and Exotic Wildlife Park

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Update: This event was a great success! Go here to see the pictures!

That’s right! This Sunday you are invited to connect with God at the 10:30 AM service. Then experience God’s creation…the wild side of His creation…immediately after the service! The park is just down the street from the church. Admission is free!

We will have hot dogs, Monkeys’ mores, and all that goes with it. It will be lots of fun for the entire family. Please come dressed for the outdoors and wear your closed toes shoes.

This will be a great Sunday to invite your family and friends!

We will eat at TGR Exotics Wildlife Park and experience tours of the park. “At TGR Wildlife Park, you will get up close and personal with some of Planet Earth’s most exotic, fascinating, and endangered animals. Here you will find more than 100 animals representing over 25 species. All our animals are raised hands on, if not completely hand raised, and they have amazing personalities and dispositions.”

Masquerade Additional Small 246x151So come for an encouraging service as we continue the Masquerade message series with a message on “Unmasking Our Chaotic Lives”! You can get your life back! Then stay for a fun time at TGR Exotics Wildlife Park!


HISplace Family Church now on iTunes

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Listen to Sunday messages as an iTunes podcast!

Each week our inspirational and encouraging Sunday messages are recorded and made available at Now you can re-listen to the practical teachings anytime and anywhere! Simply subscribe to our HISplace Family Church podcast on iTunes!

When a Sunday message is available on iTunes, you can have it automatically download to your listening device. It will be waiting for you when you are ready to listen. This is a great way to get God’s Word planted deep into your life and thoughts!

Plus you can go back and listen to older messages on topics that are relevant to your situation that day!

When you click on the link below it will take you to iTunes. You will see a header that looks like this:





So keep growing every day as you listen to God’s word on the HISplace Family Church podcast.

To get started, click here.

And remember you can share this with your friends too!


80% of You

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A Leader’s Struggle

A struggle faced by many leaders is the art of delegation. Art because the leader must know his team, when to delegate and how to delegate to the individuals on the team. It’s one thing to delegate tasks but the goal is to delegate whole areas of responsibility as the leader determines the team member can handle it.

When can the team member be entrusted with an entire area or project? This is often the leader’s struggle! Many of us were taught to train someone to be 80% of us. When they are the implication is that they should be entrusted with the entire area or project.

But what is 80% of the leader? I have often struggled with that question. Recently as I was pondering some areas of delegation I had this thought: 80% of a leader is when the team member can be trusted to get it right 4 out of 5 times.

No leader is perfect and no team member is perfect. But when a team member’s competence, experience, judgment, decision-making, etc. gets it right in that area 4 out of 5 times, they are probably ready to be trusted with the area or project.

But how does the leader handle the instances where the emerging leader does not get it right? Coach them for success. Evaluate and learn together. As you work together the team member will usually grow in competence and experience which will result in improved performance!


40 Days of Prayer

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40 Days of Prayer begins March 12

We are beginning a special season of prayer today. The reason for the 40 Days of Prayer is to pray for our community and the people we know and love in our area. This prayer focus begins today and extends through Easter Sunday which is April 20.

We invite you to ask God to help you demonstrate His love through you in a special way during these days. Remember, God has done some amazing things in your life so don’t be afraid to share those stories with those you know. Your story could be just the encouragement they need.

As Pastor Doug shared in Sunday’s message, focus on not just doing things for people but actually be with them. In Matthew 1:23, Jesus is described as “God is with us”. It is in being with people in their good times and in their tough times that we often have the opportunity share the kindness and goodness of God!

And as God works through you during the 40 Days of Prayer, be sure to share your story with us!


Son of God Movie begins February 28

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Son of GodThe Greatest Story Every Told On Big Screen!

How often do you see a church blog post about going to the movies? Every week new movies come out. Some good, some not. But this Friday, February 28 the Son of God movie is being released! This is a great opportunity to support a movie that gives us a glimpse into the life of Jesus!

So contact some friends and go see this movie! Our new local movie theater, Cinemark Spring-Klein and XD, will be showing this movie. Movie times available here.

Then mark your calendars for Sunday, March 23 at 10:30 am as we begin a new message series, Son of God! In this series we will learn who He really is! Everyone is welcome to come and bring your friends to this series. Experience contemporary worship, quality childcare and practical Bible teaching at HISplace every Sunday.