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Clothes for the Homeless

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The weather is finally turning cool!

While most of us add a layer of clothing or turn on the heat, many in our great city will find themselves in increasing discomfort as the temperatures cool. With this need in mind, HISplace Family Church is continuing to be a life-giving church by helping to provide clothing for the homeless!

From now through the end of October, you can bring your clothing in good condition to the church. All clothing collected will be givHomeless Man Sleeping On A Benchen to a local homeless ministry that has direct contact with the homeless each week! The greatest need is need socks, shoes, tennis shoes, shirts, pants, belts and coats – all for men. Women’s and Children’s clothing items will also be accepted!

We invite you to share this opportunity to get involved with your neighbors and friends. Use your social media accounts to help those in need! Together we can make a difference!

Great drop-off times are Sunday mornings before the 10:30 AM service or on Wednesday’s before the 7:30 PM youth or the small group meetings.

Thank you in advance for caring for our community!

School Supplies for Zwink Elementary!

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HISplace Family Church Helps Zwink Elementary!

zwink elementary




Many children in our own community lack the necessary supplies to effectively engage in learning for the upcoming school year. HISplace Family Church is serving our community by helping to provide school supplies to these children in need. Starting Sunday, August 3, we invite you to bring school supplies to the church during any service in August.

Here is the list of supplies that are most needed. Any items you can donate would help a child.

  • Crayola crayons 24 ct
  • 4 oz Elmer’s glue & 0.77 oz Elmer’s glue stick
  • No. 2 pencils (latex free)
  • Pocket and brad folders (red, yellow & blue solid)
  • 70 sheet wide ruled spiral notebooks (assorted solid colors)
  • 100 ct. Kleenex or facial tissue
  • Pink or white bevel erasers (latex free)
  • Pencil grips
  • Dry erase markers (black, skinny)
  • Backpacks (full size)

To all who help and donate…thank you!

80% of You

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A Leader’s Struggle

A struggle faced by many leaders is the art of delegation. Art because the leader must know his team, when to delegate and how to delegate to the individuals on the team. It’s one thing to delegate tasks but the goal is to delegate whole areas of responsibility as the leader determines the team member can handle it.

When can the team member be entrusted with an entire area or project? This is often the leader’s struggle! Many of us were taught to train someone to be 80% of us. When they are the implication is that they should be entrusted with the entire area or project.

But what is 80% of the leader? I have often struggled with that question. Recently as I was pondering some areas of delegation I had this thought: 80% of a leader is when the team member can be trusted to get it right 4 out of 5 times.

No leader is perfect and no team member is perfect. But when a team member’s competence, experience, judgment, decision-making, etc. gets it right in that area 4 out of 5 times, they are probably ready to be trusted with the area or project.

But how does the leader handle the instances where the emerging leader does not get it right? Coach them for success. Evaluate and learn together. As you work together the team member will usually grow in competence and experience which will result in improved performance!


Son of God Movie begins February 28

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Son of GodThe Greatest Story Every Told On Big Screen!

How often do you see a church blog post about going to the movies? Every week new movies come out. Some good, some not. But this Friday, February 28 the Son of God movie is being released! This is a great opportunity to support a movie that gives us a glimpse into the life of Jesus!

So contact some friends and go see this movie! Our new local movie theater, Cinemark Spring-Klein and XD, will be showing this movie. Movie times available here.

Then mark your calendars for Sunday, March 23 at 10:30 am as we begin a new message series, Son of God! In this series we will learn who He really is! Everyone is welcome to come and bring your friends to this series. Experience contemporary worship, quality childcare and practical Bible teaching at HISplace every Sunday.



Integrated Life

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Is your life integrated?

Yesterday, our church had the privilege of hosting the monthly Spring Klein Chamber Lunch and Learn event. During this event, the importance of an integrated marketing strategy was emphasized. This got me to thinking about our personal lives.

Often due to the challenges and pace of life, we seek to compartmentalize our life. We, in my opinion, incorrectly assume that one area of our life has little impact on the rest of our lives. I can do ____ without any impact in the other areas of life. Not true. In fact, our life is a system and every part of our life impacts every other part of our life.

For example, if your body is healthy then your whole life benefits. If your mind, will and emotions are healthy then every part of your life benefits. I would submit to you that your spiritual condition also impacts the rest of your life…now and for eternity.

So, if you need to get healthy in your spiritual life, I invite you to come this Sunday for our 10:30 AM service. This Sunday’s message is “I Love My Children”. We will be learning to love our children in ways that free God to do amazing things their lives.

If you missed last Sunday’s message, “I Love My Family”, you can listen to it on the media page.

See you Sunday,

Pastor Doug