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Pray First

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A while back I saw the phrase, Pray First! This little statement captures an important principle: pray first! Pray and seek God before moving forward in any area of life!

Let’s look at a couple of ways we can pray first.

Pray first thing in the morning. For over 25 years my daily habit is to get up and go outside for a prayer walk the first thing every morning. I’ve walked in rain, wind, hot and cold (not much snow Spring, Texas). This daily habit has proved invaluable. There are days God and I celebrate something amazing He did. On other days, this time with God gets me through a difficult season of life. On most days, I am asking God for the needs of specific people and seeking His instructions for my family and life. What I’ve found is that when I seek Him first, He always meets me. I leave each time of praying first knowing I connected with God.

Another way to pray first begins this Saturday at HISplace Family Church. One of our core values since the church began was to be a church that prays. We encourage people to seek God’s involvement in daily life and help others stand in the battles of life! Now it’s time to go to the next level. Beginning this Saturday from 9-10 AM, we will be hosting Saturday Morning Prayer at the church.

This is a time to come together to pray, worship and encourage each other! We believe God has great things for our future and we are committed to praying and seeking Him each week as we go to the next levels as a church. Come pray first…it will make a difference in your life, for those we pray for and in our services each week!

Remember, Pray First!