Pastor Doug Bartsch

Join us this Sunday at 9 & 10:30 AM for a new series called At The Movies. Come experience At The Movies as we use modern movies to illustrate spiritual truths. Enjoy delicious popcorn, soft drinks, and candy as well. Plus your kids will have their own fun experience during this series.


Have you tried to find something you cannot see? It’s nearly impossible! In this message Pastor Doug Bartsch shares how we can open our eyes to see others.



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- Pastor Doug

The first service was on Sunday June 5, 1994 at what was then the Hotel Sofitel in the Greenspoint area of North Houston. HISplace began with six people who were passionate about serving God, meet needs and help people. The first six years were filled with apartment complex ministry, bus ministry, and a youth center.

During the first eight years the church met in six different locations. In 2001, God led church leadership through a process that resulted in relocation to Spring, Texas serving the Spring, Klein, and Tomabll communities. God supernaturally provided the land and a building that has been renovated to meet the needs of the surrounding community.