All In

Week 1 - The Path of Growth

Curious about how to grow in your walk with Christ? Stuck in your faith and wondering where to start? In this message, Pastor Doug & Kim share their heart for you and some simple keys to begin the journey to spiritual growth and vitality.

Week 2 - Created for Good Works

Are you trying to discover your purpose? Would you like to make sense of your life? In this message, Pastor Doug & Kim unpack the idea that God created us for good works and remove the confusion as to our true purpose.

Week 3 - Invite Him In

Are there areas of your life where you feel like “you’ve got this”? In this message, Pastor Doug & Kim share the difference to our lives when we invite God into those closed off areas in our lives.

Week 4 - All In Paradox

Are you concerned that if you go all in with Jesus more will be required than received? In this message, Pastor Doug explains the paradoxical behaviors that release more of God’s blessings.

Week 5 - Growing Together

What has God called every Christ-follower to do? How can we get involved in God’s calling? In this message, Pastor Doug invites us to get involved in God’s calling for us.

Week 6 - All In Relationships

Moms are a blessing! In this message, Pastor Doug reminds us of the power of relationships and shares some best practices to being better moms, dads, kids, and friends.

Week 7 - All In for Our Generation

Are you doing what you can to impact your generation? How are you impacting the next generations? In this message, Pastor Doug shares practical ways we can impact our generation for Jesus.