We are a missions-minded church. We believe in praying, going, supporting financially, and sending people to reach the world for Jesus.

We currently support the following mission efforts:


Local Missions:

Each year we invest in local organization who are directly helping people in the Spring, Klein, Tomball community. We also serve and help in various projects throughout the year. 


National Missions: 

Each month we give and invest in launching new churches across America through the Association of Related Churches. Watch the 2022 report video.


International Missions: 

Each month we support a humanitarian organization in Israel; Earl and Bev Rutledge who train church leaders in Nicaragua; Larry and Marla Johnson who run feeding centers feeding over 600 children, build church buildings, and train local pastors in Guatemala; and Dr. Dean Radtke and The Ministry Institute who deliver worldwide pastor and leader training (access training here). 


Since 2001, we also host an annual Guatemala Pastors’ Conference in Guatemala for the hard working pastors of eastern Guatemala to come be refreshed and encouraged. Since 2009, we have also hosted an annual Honduras Pastors’ Conference. HISplace Family Church provides the food and trasnportation for pastors attending both of these conferences through our missions giving.

Want to Support Missions?

Give online to avoid the hassle of filling out a check or goin to the bank! Just a couple clicks and you are good to go. Click the button to give.