News from our Perspective


Population growth in the Spring-Klein community has been growing faster than both Harris County and the entire state of Texas in recent years. In fact, the Spring-Klein community grew nearly 15.5% in the period 2014-2019. HISplace Family Church, a church in Spring, TX, is located in the heart of the Spring-Klein community and is working diligently to better serve the growing population in the area. The Spring-Klein community is comprised of the following nine zip codes in this report: 77066, 77068, 77069, 77070, 77090, 77373, 77379, 77388, 77389. HISplace Family Church, a growing church in Spring, TX is committed to serving the entire community. In 2019, the breakdown of population in the area by age range includes 29.04% ages 0-19, 27.75% ages 20-39, 25.92% ages 40-59, 15.17% ages 60-79, and 2.12% ages 80+. As a multi-generational church in Spring, TX, HISplace Family Church offers spiritual growth opportunities for all ages. The Spring-Klein community is ethnically diverse with 27.4% comprised of Hispanic or Latino (not technically a race as they include multiple races) residents, 43.7% White residents, 18.7% Black residents, and various other Indian, Asian, or Islander races. The desire to serve all racial backgrounds as a church in Spring, TX is an integral part of the vision of HISplace Family Church. The diversity in the community is reflected in the HISplace Family Church congregation. The report also shows that in 2019, 53.82% of household in the Spring-Klein community were married. This rate of maried households is a higher percentage than Harris County or the State of Texas.