Legacy Offering


Once a year during the month of December we bring a special offering—one that requires sacrifice and one that builds a legacy for future generations. This offering enables us to take a giant leap forward in fulfilling the big opportunities God has placed before us. This year our Legacy Offering is on Sunday, December , 2021.


Our Legacy Offering goes to accelerate the vision in the following four Giving Lanes:


HISplace Projects:

The Legacy Offering will accelerate our efforts to reach our local community by funding our online outreach and online campus efforts as well as update the kitchen area to better facilitate ministry. 


Local Missions:

The Legacy Offering will help support local outreach in the Spring, Klein, Tomball community and serve projects as well as help fund a local organization that helps expectant moms who face difficult choices and are in need of assistance. 


National Missions: 

The Legacy Offering will help launch new life-giving churches across America.


International Missions: 

The Legacy Offering will help support missions efforts in Israel, Lebanon, Nicaragua, Belize, Honduras, and Guatemala that feed hundreds of kids and resource 100’s of churches as well as fund free training to pastors and leaders around the world.


Want to give in the Legacy Offering?

Give online to avoid the hassle of filling out a check or goin to the bank! Just a couple clicks and you are good to go. Click the button to give.