Assurance of Salvation - Keary Miller

Do you have an assurance of your salvation based on Biblical truth? In this message, Keary Miller examines the questions and Scriptures that give us assurance of salvation.

Walk by Faith Not by Sight - Keary Miller

Apprehensive about the new year? In this message, Keary Miller helps us walk by faith in Christ and not by sight.

 Legacy Sunday- Generosity is for Everyone

Do you feel like your ability to help others is insignificant? In this message, Pastor Doug shares that we can all do something that together accomplishes a lot.

Special Guest - Phillip Baker

Open your hearts today as special guest speaker, Phillip Baker shares today’s message.

Stretch - Jeremy Isaacs

How can God keep His promise to do more than we can ask or think? In this message guest speaker, Pastor Jeremy Isaacs shares a message that will stretch our faith.

Vision Sunday - Doug Bartsch

Do you capture the power of vision in your life? In this message, Pastor Doug shares the power of vision and specific vision for HISplace in this season.

Hold Fast - Keary Miller

Do you ever feel like giving up on your faith in Christ? In this message, Keary Miller shares how to hold fast to your faith.

God's Kingdom Supply Chain - Phillip Baker

God has a Kingdom supply chain for everything concerning our lives. In this message Phillip Baker will help us understand and connect to it!

Encouragement - Kim Bartsch

We all need some encouragement. In this message Pastor Kim shares Biblical keys to giving and receiving encouragement.

Be An Overcomer - Keary Miller

2020 has been tough year. What do we need to overcome as we head into 2021? In this message Keary Miller shares some key areas to overcome for a better 2021.

Who is Jesus - Keary Miller

Do you know who the real Jesus is? In this message, Keary Miller shares the Biblical case for Jesus. What you believe does really matter!

Planted in His House - Kemtal Glasgow

Great insights for living in these uncertain times by guest speaker, Pastor Kemtal Glasgow.

Staying Healthy in a Stressful World - Roy and Yolanda Garcia

In this message from guest speakers. Roy and Yolanda Garcia, learn how to keep all aspects of your life healthy in a stressful world.

What's Your View of Next Year? - Kerry Miller

Your view of the new year will impact how it goes for you. In this message by Keary Miller learn some keys to a great new year!

Christmas Love - Candice Lee-Chong

Struggling to love someone? In this message by Worship Director Candice Lee-Chong you’ll learn how to receive and give love!

New Communicator Sunday - Janice Lobrecht and Kerry Miller

As part of our on-going strategy to develop leaders, we prepare new communicators and invite them to share a message on Sunday morning. Enjoy these mini-messages from Janice Lobrecht and Keary Miller.