Week 1 - In the Good - Phillip Baker

God works things for the good, but how can that apply to you. Find out in this encouraging message by Phillip Baker.

Week 2 - Is There a Stumbling Block in Your Way - Keary Miller

Do you ever feel like something is blocking your way to the next step? In this message special speaker Keary Miller shares some of those stumbling blocks and the way out.

Week 3 - Don't Saddle Relationships with Your Baggage - Vanita Nichols

It’s so easy to let the things of the past affect the relationships of today. In this message, special speaker Vanita Nichols shares help you leave your baggage in the past.

Week 4 - What's Your Plan?

Life may look very different for recent graduates and for all of us. So what’s your plan going forward? In this message Pastor Doug shares insights from the Bible to help us work the best plan.

Week 5 - Focused Living

It’s easy to live distracted and frazzled lives. With all the challenges of life, what should we focus on? In this message Pastor Doug takes us back to the essentials of living out our faith.

Week 6 - When the Well Runs Dry

What can we do when we feel completely drained? In this message Pastor Doug shares insights that will help you get refreshed and restored.