Week 1: Psalms 37 Perspectives

Do you need some refreshing words in the daily grind of life? In this message, Pastor Doug walks us through the seasoned perspectives found in Psalms 37.

Week 2: Psalms 139 - Who Really Knows You?

Do you wonder if anyone really understands you? Wondering where to turn in life? In this message, Vanita Nichols shares how we can run to God because He really know us based on Psalms 139.

Week 3: Psalms 111 & 112 - The Great Life

Do you desire a great life? In this message, Pastor Doug helps us connect the great works of God to the great rewards that come from living for God through Psalms 111 & 112.

Week 4: Lead Team Communicators

Ready for some great reminders and refreshing words? In this message, some of our Lead Team shares from their favorites Psalms.

Week 5: Psalm 1 - Two Paths

Which path are you on? The path to destruction or the path to God’s blessing  In this message, Pastor Doug walks us through the clear indicators of your path and how to get on track for God’s blessings!

Week 6: Psalm 13 - When God is Quietly Working

Have you felt like God left you on your own? In this message, Pastor Kim shows that often God is quietly working and how we can cooperate with Him.

Week 7: Psalm 32 - God is Ready to Forgive

Have you felt like you’ve done too much wrong and are too far from God? In this message, guest speaker Keary  shows us that God is merciful and ready to forgive.